Whilst the “to do” scroll (it’s not a list, it’s a scroll) seems to continually get bigger I am pleased to say that today we have made some progress with sorting the short break pricing issue. Apologies to everyone – it is still not right as we will still have to quote on a case by case basis currently but it looks as though there is a solution on the horizon! Yippee. In other news, the photos on this website are currently quite out of date. Coming soon are over 60 (yes 60!) new photographs of the cottages and the grounds. It has been surprising to sit back and actually think about all the things we have achieved since this website went live 2 years ago.

Let me take this moment to thank all of our outstanding guests for their patience and understanding. So many of you are becoming friends and we thank our lucky stars to of made this business a success and have you all be part of it.

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